In our hyper-connected technology driven world with its frenetic pace can be so very agitating to our minds and our bodies.  Often consumed by this rapid pace, we tend to lose ourselves being pulled in so many directions and mindlessly fall into our habits. What happens in Habit World well we usually have the same thoughts, followed by the same feelings and then taking the same actions yielding the same results.  

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Winter Recharge – March 3-9, 2019 in Guatemala!

We are excited to invite you to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala know as “Eden on Earth”  This is The Yoga Adventure second time to Isla Verde, “a stylish, tranquil spot on the edge of Santa Cruz”, for a six-nights and seven-days of yoga, nature and friends wellness retreat! We will be taking in our gorgeous surroundings and reconnecting with ourselves through our yoga practice, meditation, breath-work and through various adventures around this beautiful lake.

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Ways of Finding Joy

I love the holidays. It’s a time with loved one’s friends, family, celebrations, food and everything fun. But there always seems to be some mini drama popping up every now-and-then; diminishing my celebration of life, unity, growth messing up my joy. I’m learning some tricks to rise above the gloom and dooming Drama and how to keep the light of Joy burning brightly; inside and out.

Here are some of these tricks from all my big family holidays, living in NYC and all my global adventures. 

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Seek Peace

“Root out the violence in your life and learn to live compassionately and mindfully. Seek Peace. When you have peace within real peace with others is possible…. Letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If in our hearts we cling to anything; anger, anxiety or possessions we can not be free” - Thich Nhat Hahn

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The Power of a HUG!

What is your approach to others? 
Are you playing the “tug o’ war”….battling people and circumstances trying to fit your square views into the circle of life? By continually tugging, you are littering yourself with stress, anxiety, impatience, bringing about defensiveness, frustrations and eventually resignation.

Or are you living the “hug o’ war”? Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, loving and graciously flowing with the day embracing life, perfuming it with happiness, connection, purpose and compassion? (Check in with that are a moment.)

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Why Practice Gratitude?

GRATITUDE(noun) the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful
syn: thanks, thankfulness, appreciation, gratefulness. 

Gratitude is literally the key that opens the door to all other virtues. Everything good from compassion, to love, abundance, courage, responsibility…etc.  The simple act of appreciating all that shows up in your life and saying out loud or on the inside your head “thank you” will shift your entire perspective to one of openness and acceptance.  Without“Thank you” our minds typically steps forward with all its expectations, labels, judgements…etc preventing any growth or understanding as our ego tries to fit a square into a circle. Functioning without gratitude leaves us experiencing the same old results.

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