In our hyper-connected technology driven world with its frenetic pace can be so very agitating to our minds and our bodies.  Often consumed by this rapid pace, we tend to lose ourselves being pulled in so many directions and mindlessly fall into our habits. What happens in Habit World well we usually have the same thoughts, followed by the same feelings and then taking the same actions yielding the same results.  

Life doesn’t have to be this way. In middle of all these thoughts and feelings there is stillness. An untethered quietness.  I am sure we have all felt at one time or another. From my experience, It’s a relaxing peacefulness, an experience of harmony with the world around me, other times it's feels like an inspiring gratitude as life seems full of love and opportunity. Or you can find it in a loving hug.

This is stillness speaking.  If you want to me happier than I invite you to get to know this stillness. How do we find and get to know this stillness?  Guess what I am going to say, yep you guessed it... by practicing it. By literally being still.  

Pushing out all chaos, the gloom and doom. Stillness in between all the the wins and the loses and also between the words that I am speaking.  (STOP for a second. close your eyes and take breath) That’s another place you can find stillness. Within stillness you’ll find peace and guess what else...? that’s where you’ll find yourself,

It’s all up to YOU to find your way. It could be the breath work, meditation, journaling exercises, going for a walk or a combination of a lot of things..

Or how about this simple exercise....  Stand or sit or lie down and do the best you can to be completely still for 10-20 smooth and rhythmic cycles of breath. Try it! If you “think” it sounds to easy, then definitely try it. Stillness does speak but you have to get quiet to listen. Keep practicing!!