July 2014 | Rosendale, NY


Sky Lake Lodge

Digital Detox

Our very first retreat, it's always the most precious. Zander and I decided to give people the opportunity to experience a Digital Detox and "disconnect to reconnect" through a long weekend in the beautiful landscapes of upstate New York. This was a smashing success. We had a wonderful group of 15 students that decided to come along for a weekend full of yoga, various meditations, hiking, cliff jumping, games and connecting with other wonderful people.  

Through his experience we began to shape our retreat ethos and understand what makes it a transformative and memorable. The key elements we discovered were; Community (getting people to connect with people), Digital Detox, adventure and the practices of yoga. On this adventure we actually had a "Give up your phone for the weekend" ceremony (if the student so desired) and sealed their phones in a plastic zip-lock bag and handed them over for the weekend. It worked.