February 2016 | Guatemala


Isle Verde Retreat Center

Self | Nature | Others

Preparing for this retreat we kept reading this place was "Eden on Earth" and to be honest we were skeptical. But after the first day we began to experience just why it's been given this name. From the mountainous and Volcanic surroundings, to the flowers hanging over Isle Verde's open-air yoga shala and to the deep-blue water of Lake Atitlan, we were impressed and in awe of its beauty. 

We brought something a little different to this retreat. Discovered within the creative energies of the New York City's Russian-Turkish Bath House, we were turned onto a new ethos. We call it the "Tri-Be". Throughout the week, all 23 of us journeyed through connecting to ourselves, nature and others. 

We connected with ourselves threw daily gratitude journaling, meditations, our asana practice, food contemplation and in many small and personal ways as well. With all the natural beauty around us it was easy to connect to nature but as always we took it up a notch. So we added, a hike to the 9900 foot peak of San Pedro. This was quite a trip. We were told should take us about five hours round-trip but our group crushed in in seven hours instead. And the nature party didn't stop there. By mid-week we took the group on a kayaking, cliff jumping and hike. It was incredible!

One of the things that TYA prides itself on are the deep bonds and friendship that are created on our retreats. We create this feeling of community and connections with "others" through our requested Digital Detox, our 'no-clique policy', and workshops such as Laughter yoga and the "Buguloo."

We also expand beyond our group and get into the local community. On Lake Atitlan we took an afternoon and did a hop-and-shop. We rented a boat and went to three different towns on the lake; eating, shopping for the local garments and what-nots and connecting to the the Mayan people from this special place 

By the end of the week, none of us wanted to go home. Memorable indeed! #CuddlePuddleForever.

TYA makes a promise to all of you; we will go back to "Eden on Earth". Its looking like 2019 or maybe sooner! Stay tuned and stayed connected. 

Update: We’re going back! March 2019. Find out more here.