Here is what our community is saying about our retreats

This was an amazing experience when it comes to yoga retreats - mixing practice, adventure and fun. Zander and Will are solid instructors who know their stuff when it comes to yoga but they know when to let loose - trip was extremely well organized and paced - the location in Nicaragua was gorgeous and close to beach. We did other activities like surfing, zip lines, catamaran trip, snorkeling and hiking - there is something for everyone - libations are plenty. The other people on retreat were eclectic, nice and ready for anything. We bonded quickly. Staff at Location (Buena Vista Surf Club) were stellar and accommodating. I wish I could keep this a well kept secret but cats outta the bag. GO!
— Susannah P.
...This was one of the best, most enjoyable trips I have ever taken in my life. Will and Zander did such an amazing job putting this retreat together. I am so happy I took the chance and went on this trip with them. They were very organized with giving us timelines, getting us prepared for scheduled group activities, getting us to and fro places likethe airport and day trips to San Juan del Sur. This made the vacation go very smoothly. I was impressed by the way they kept track of our large group, counting heads etc.

The optional activities for ziplining, rappeling and catamaran were spread out so well between our free time days that I never felt over-scheduled or rushed. I loved how after we went ziplining, we ate at a beachfront restaurant and then relaxed on the beach afterwards to see the sunset. It was an impromptu moment. We had planned to head back earlier but Will and Zander asked us and we voted to take our time and enjoy ourselves on the beach. After dinner at BVSC, we relaxed and ended up having a most fun party. I loved looking at the stars at night on the deck, laughing like I had not in years, and bonding with people. So in spite of the neccessary structure, Will and Zander were still able to recognize a good time to be flexible and live in the moment. I appreciated this very much. I agree with Susannah, it was an ecletic group of people and we bonded early in the week. I am so happy that for the most part, we got along pretty well. So fun!...
— Josie A.
I traveled with The Yoga Adventure on a trip to Buena Vista Surf Club in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The trip was well-organized, the accommodations were perfect, and the crowd was a fun, eclectic cross section of New Yorkers.

There was daily yoga and guided meditation. Think less “clear your mind” and more “notice the world around you”. There were lots of other things to do though. During the day people surfed, hung out at the beach, went hiking, took day trips to nearby towns. Normal vacation stuff, basically. Will and Zander did a great job weaving meditation and yoga into those with a light touch.

I had an awesome time and would happily entrust these guys with my next vacation.
— Jon T.
Had a fantastic time! Yoga adventure is for everyone who wants to get out from craziness, relax and connect with like minded people. Will and Zander are rock stars! So much fun to be with them. The location was perfect ! Thank you!
— Sophia G.
I just got back from TYA Guatemala Retreat at Isla Verde on Lake Atilan and am feeling refreshed, inspired and grateful hearted. TYA far exceeded any expectations I had, and made it one of the best trips I have ever been on (and I’ve been on a lot of trips!).

Will and Zander’s thoughtful leadership took all the stress out of planning a vacation. From finding the perfect place to host the treat, to making sure the “tribe” got acquainted before we left, and planning the perfect balance of yoga, adventure, mindful practices and FUN! All you have to really do is show up. Or not show up - it’s up to you. All activities are optional and you’re free to make it the retreat you desire. Ashely and Amanda who also assisted during the trip added a fun twist to the workshops including a Tabata class and a free flowing dance class. All of the teachers were amazing and complemented each other well which made everything flow easily.

The best part of the trip for me were the friendships made. Will and Zander’s enthusiasm for life is contagious and they attract a group of people that are willing to be vulnerable and dare greatly. Thank you, TYA! Definitely hope to join you on an adventure again soon. xo
— Melanie W.