Mindfulness Simplified

[Will’s] approach and guidance has helped ensure we were catering to everyone who was interested and has clearly made a lasting impact on our culture.
— Weber Shandwick Employee

Signature Speeches

Why Mindfulness?

Will is a proud leader in the mindfulness movement that is taking over the globe.. With over 15 years of experience as a practitioner and a teacher, Will is helping companies, communities, and classrooms unleash the power of mindfulness.

In his talks, Will provides you with the opportunity to feel the tangible results of mindfulness for yourself. You will learn to breathe, meditate, laugh, and play with mindfulness. It’s a joyful and a life-changing experience!


Textile Recycling Awareness

Since 2014 Will, in cooperation with Green Tree Textile Recycling (501c-3), has been helping K-12 students discover and understand the importance of textile recycling. This in-school program has impacted hundreds of kids and their communities. To date, the program has donated over 8600 lbs of clothing that would have ordinarily ended up in our overburden landfills.

Mindfulness Workshops

Cut Through the Bullsh*t

We will begin by loosening up our mind, body, and energy though some simple physical movement, accessible breath work, and experience the fruits of a visual meditation. Then, we’ll delve into creative exercises to help you Cut Through Your Bullsh*t and tap you into your core values.

Abdi Asadi, author of “Shadows on the Path,” shares an idea many of us can relate to:

“We all have collected a series of stories about who we are. There are the childhood wounds, the values and expectations that our parents and society impose on us, and the rebellion that we wage against them.  From these strengths, hopes and fears we assemble what we come to think of as ourselves.  And we are in servitude to the appeasement of this construct.”

Thanks to hard work and the guidance of amazing teachers, I am no longer in servitude to someone else’s idea of who I should be. I live a freer, happier and more self-directed life. I look forward to bringing this work to you and helping you to discover more of your true-self as well.

Let Go of Your Bullsh*t

Do you feel like you’re running on an endless treadmill: work, workout, go out, maybe a vacation, “Happy New Year!” Then, repeat...? 

Come join Shift to Flow for a workshop that will help you clear your mind, open you to your true potential and learn how to remove the bullsh*t that traps you in the “same old” story. 

"Letting Go of Your Bullsh*t" is a one hour guided self-exploration of living your truth. Within this unique workshop, you will discover more of your authentic self. Starting with breathwork accessing deeper levels of consciousness, followed by a guided visual meditation as you rise into your “Triumphant Self” , and finally dive deeper discovering more truth through inquisitive and empowering journaling exercises. 

This workshop is designed to help you to discover self-destructive patterns, learning tools to rise above, and encouraging you to continually step into your envisioned potential. 

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