2017 | Mexico


Xinalani Yoga Retreat Center

Yoga | Surf | Chill

Our excursion to Xinalani Retreat Center was The Yoga Adventures sixth retreat and was it memorable! Our team demonstrated a real sense of adventure as we traversed the week on horseback, boat, bus and foot. From the infamous "tribe building exercises" to howling at the moon our group sealed a bond almost immediately. But that's partly what a TYA adventure is all about.

We always take it a step further and teach our students and demonstrate unique ways to handle the world. As a tribe we journeyed through fishing towns, walked jungle paths, met our ancestors at the doors of a traditional indian sweat lodge and danced the "Bugaloo." ("What's that you say?"). 

This week was a time to sample an array of yoga practices and for some it was their first time. We experienced kundalini kriyas, restorative, vinyasa and chakra flow yoga offering a complete cleanse of body and mind. The food was beautifully delicious, the facilities were jaw droppingly spectacular.

Like all adventures this one came to an end as the as next one is soon to begin. We hope you join us on our next retreat.