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Boxed Breathing Technique


Here is another simple breathing technique to:

  • Helps chill you out

  • Releases stress and anxiety

  • Great if you are having trouble SLEEPING

  • Boosts your creativity

  • Slow down your nervous system

  • Will help you focus

As stated, it's simple and can be done anytime anywhere.

Four Parts to this breathing technique:

Empty all your breath out to start

  1. INHALE for a count to 5 seconds

  2. HOLD that breath (that inhale) for 5 seconds (no tension, relaxed body)

  3. EXHALE for 5 seconds, pushing all the breath gently out.

  4. STAY EMPTY of breath for 5 seconds

then REPEAT this process 6 more times of a total of 7 cycles.

ALL Breaths are at the same count of 5 seconds.

Finding Your Seat

The building blocks of your developing practices are vital. "Finding your seat" may seem trivial. Although from my experience, it has been one the greatest resources to my growing awareness and my overall transformation.

To be able to sit comfortably in my body allows my mind and breath to expand further and deeper.

This practice can be as simple as taking 7-20+min each day to develop your seat. As you sit just focus on your breathing. Slow it down, deepen and establish a beautiful rhythm with your inhales and exhales.