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Boxed Breathing Technique


Here is another simple breathing technique to:

  • Helps chill you out

  • Releases stress and anxiety

  • Great if you are having trouble SLEEPING

  • Boosts your creativity

  • Slow down your nervous system

  • Will help you focus

As stated, it's simple and can be done anytime anywhere.

Four Parts to this breathing technique:

Empty all your breath out to start

  1. INHALE for a count to 5 seconds

  2. HOLD that breath (that inhale) for 5 seconds (no tension, relaxed body)

  3. EXHALE for 5 seconds, pushing all the breath gently out.

  4. STAY EMPTY of breath for 5 seconds

then REPEAT this process 6 more times of a total of 7 cycles.

ALL Breaths are at the same count of 5 seconds.